in English/French?

Perhaps, another blog would be good, in english: God-is-visible-in-public-viewing,
but only this silent Face or Countenance is visible, but always, and for many viewers.
That seems an evolution of his activities for the social-, the cultural- and earth-situation.

Dear readers, dear friends

Columbus, discoverer of America, shows the direction. This divine revelation, the high Being shows himself, and his silent Holy Face is visible here, for hundred and thousands of people. Maybe only an Angel-Face, may be the subtle Face of God himself, the visibility is given round the clock.

Some month ago, I tried to give this information in english language, of course thats difficult to me.
With the question > God is visible, Kampe   you can meet some of my sites.    Photo Cristobal Culombo by

After last war, I had lessons in french for a half of a dozen years, so I could try to translate this information of this permanent revelation, that can be seen by others too.

This ist the only difference to many scriptures or books.
In those books it was never heard, that the living higher Person  –  this subtle countenance, it may be God himself  – is visible and can be seen by other people permanently:

day for day, year for year, by his silent but living Countenance. May be, it is only a Face of an Angel; this  Face – it shows concretness, not abstractness –  is visible for many, and they can themselves juge and recognize, in making this experience.
Different audiences are possible, every day, to find, to ´detect`, to regard and to look at that ´phenomenon`; audiences, in which this viewing is easy to make and to learn. All my information is cost-free.

This phenomenon exists since 1976, it was the year of the finding and the discovery (first I won the battle to be a non-smoker). With the theme „french„, I am not so fresh in it: and for the beginning, I would be happy, if you  read on my humble english writings…

Please understand, that this is not a story as you know thousands and thousands, not to count them. Of course, this decent visibility of the High and Holy Beeing is also a document of belief, but it is one, that can be seen and explored and checked and studies.

This event  allows to see this subtle Holy Face  h e r e  on my sites too. It is very special,
so I have a permanent fight, to find the words and sentences. The explanations are sometimes longer, and reader beginn to sleep…
but it`s really a fact, that this revelation  – it is in the range of miracle – can be seen here on my sites, when you look at these photos, I made…   Now, 30, 40 or more other persons, people could see this like-transparent shining Face too (but they don`t know for sure, that I am not a lier or faker);
and there is a scientific institute in Freiburg IGPP, with my begging, they showed this material to other scientists, and they wrote, others (4, 5, 7 persons?) could recognize and see that Face t o o; but they say only: there is a structure visible, that makes the impression, to be a face; they say not: there is a Face, and we suppose, it is God or an Angel…

It is a silent Holy or holy Face, or countenance, that is visible on this areal photo, it stays always, visible decently, on this photo, and his place is round this photographed church.

My person, I enjoy a critical reading to the bible (and to the koran, too), and I am not pleased on many aspects and the info of many sites there. And have some critiques to the churches in general. But I can not change it, that the high Being, perhaps it is God himself, contributes his presence and forces to these houses of God…  It seems then and exactly there, that he prefers the new development in the religion, since the years 1520, 1529 and so on  –
One can also interprete that appearance, that God strengthens and fortifies the belief to Jesus, and his way and meaning on earth…

is continued

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